Presenting Vulnerability Assessments: At an International Conference and with the Community

The joint practicum/studio students and faculty attended  the Third International Conference on Regional Development: Enhancing Resilience and Policy for Cities and Regions. Speakers from the World Bank, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, the US and the 100 Resilient Cities presented on different perspectives on resilience in the region.
Professor Foley gave a keynote speech entitled The Resilience Imperative: An Action Research Approach to Training. The presentation discussed the approach instructors have been taking on training in Indonesia on the the USAID/OFDA grant Building Capacity through Partnerships. With the increased risk of disasters and climate change it is imperative that communities become more resilient yet it is clear that most communities lack access to the planning tools, data and resources in order to adapt to the risks that they face.
The joint studio-practicum presented preliminary findings on their work in Kemijen at the conference. Their preliminary findings were based on the literature review, interviews, focus groups and household surveys. They organized the findings around the issues of flooding, subsidence, the polder system (drainage canals and pumping system), and waste. They also presented some preliminary action steps. They will be doing further research and synthesizing their findings into a document that will be presented in December.

The group also wanted to meet with community members and get their feedback so they were able to go to the community after the conference ended. Many community member attended and expressed their appreciation for coming back to the community since often they do not hear from those that conduct research in their community. They expressed their concerns and want to use the results of the practicum/studio to further develop their proposal to address the issues that Kemijen faces.



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