Banjir (flooding) and Blessings at Semarang Chinatown Market

Post by Jessica Okamura:

November 5, 2016

Indonesia is filled with unique regional foods.  Some of the team members decided to take a trip to the Chinatown Night Market to try the local cuisine. We were excited to experience a slice of life in Semarang and the differences in the areas.  The market was filled with stands that had a variety of foods, accessories, and drinks.


There was an empty table near the end of the market so we ordered some food and sat down for our dinner break.  We shared fried tofu with sweet corn flavoring, noodles, lumpia, bitter bean, jackfruit and of course nasi (rice). Halfway into out meal, heavy rain started pouring down.  Majority of the vendors immediately shut down their generators and stalls for the night. Bystanders waited along the walls until the rain subsided.  Our group on the other hand sought refuge at the vendor garage.  It seemed like they were the only vendor that had their own covered area.  We were blessed and sat down comfortably, except for Jessica. Jessica went across the street to get a Hello Kitty cotton candy and got stuck there during the rain. It didn’t seem like the rain was going to stop for a while so she quickly walked to our flood shelter.  Unfortunately she did not get her Hello Kitty cotton candy, but she did get Kiiroitori.


The streets of Chinatown became inundated. Once the rain stopped we rolled up our pants and headed to an area where we could get picked up.  This was the first time that we experienced heavy rains and flooding in Semarang. People seemed pretty used to it and just walked though the street rain water.


Although we did not experience flooding in Kemijen, it was a important to experience flooding and observe how people handle it.  We had tasty food, got to ride a Ojek (motor cycle taxi)/ Becak (Rickshaw) back to the hotel.



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