Expanding University Partnerships

July 22nd, 2016

Today we visited Podomoro University to develop further linkages on university partnerships. A former UHM DURP alum, Dr I Made IM Brunner is the new Chair of the Environmental Engineering Department. We discussed the expanding models of partnerships whereby undergraduate programs link to graduate programs. We also shared the breadth of disaster training partnerships ongoing with Indonesian universities.

Podomoro is a new university, just two years old, and has high hopes to play an important role in higher education. Here we are with Dr Johannes Prajitno, Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and other faculty from the university, discussing the role of universities in addressing key sustainability issues.

Click on the link, for more information on Podomoro University 

In the afternoon we also met with long-time partners at the Indonesia Islamic University (UII). In October, they will be hosting a conference in which Professor Dolores Foley will give a keynote address. Click here for more information on the conference

To attend and get involved click on the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 21.03.43






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